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Healthy and Active

November 6, 2012

Day 6 of 30 Days of Gratitude

I am thankful for a strong, healthy body that mostly allows me to participate in life as I would like.

I went to spin class this morning at the YMCA.  I’m not going to lie, it was hard.  I got short of breath–I think I was even wheezing a little (old exercise induced asthma is starting to resurface).  My quads still hurt from yoga last week.  I felt like there was no way I could go as fast I was supposed to.  Afterwards, the class did five minutes or so of ab work.  I thought the teacher must be nuts, there was no way I could do this.  I cheated a bit, I skipped a few repetitions.  I was whining, loudly, in my head.

I am thankful for a strong, healthy body.  Despite all my complaints this morning, I am thankful for this body I’ve been given.  I’m thankful for the trauma it’s been through–broken leg, ankle fusions, bone spur in my shoulder, broken arm.  I am thankful that although my arm was broken a year ago, I am still getting stronger.  I am thankful that it still aches and hurt.  I am thankful that I can’t run–even though I would love to run around the block with my kids, run a five mile event with my husband and brother at Thanksgiving, to fully compete in a triathlon.  Even though, whenever I step onto a track, no matter the purpose, I feel a rush of adrenaline race through me and I can still feel what it felt like the moments before a race and what the back side of the track felt like in the 400 hurdles.  I am thankful that it can swim, it can bike, and it can stretch and bend in yoga.  I am thankful for my soft, never-again-to-be-flat belly.  It reminds me I carried three gifts–three wonderful children.  I am thankful for my body as it ages and continues to change.  I am thankful for this body of mine.  It is a strong body. I am thankful for where it has taken me, who it has shaped me into, and what it has allowed me to do.

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