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My Partner in Crime

November 10, 2012

Day 10 of 30 Days of Gratitude

I am thankful for Curtis, my partner in crime, my husband.

Now before you get worried that we’ve committed any crimes, don’t worry.  We’re law abiding citizens here.  The only crimes we commit would be fashion crimes (especially Curtis’s cut off jean shorts he made during a camping trip).

Curtis and I have been married 9 years.  Not that long, I know, but you gotta start somewhere, right?  I am so thankful that he’s the one who is raising three kids with me.  I am so thankful that he’s the one with whom I can share my dreams and fears.  I am so thankful that on occasion he’s the one who tells me that yes, those jeans do make me look fat and that dress probably isn’t a great choice.  We don’t always agree on everything.  We make decisions differently and approach life with differing intensity levels.  We don’t always agree on politics and religion.  That stuff doesn’t really matter.  At the end of the day, I know that I would rather spend time with Curtis than anyone else.  Curtis encourages me to follow some of my wants sometimes, even if it means more work for him.

Today was a great example.  Curtis is fighting a bit of a virus and there was this bike ride I really, really wanted to do.  I hadn’t biked much this fall–this is just the third time since August.  The biking group I am technically a part of was having a rare Saturday ride that left from right by our house.  I couldn’t pass it up I thought.  I talked to Curtis about it, before he was feeling sick.  He thought he could make it work, even though it made his life a bit harder—he coaches our middle’s soccer team and they had a game today.  That meant he had to get one kid ready for soccer (shin guards are a PAIN to get on!) and two kids ready to leave the house.  In addition, the team party was after the game, so he made individual awards for each player, figured out where to order pizza, and picked up drinks.  With three kids.  All. by. himself.  Did I mention he wasn’t feeling good?

All of that by himself so I could get in a Saturday bike ride.  I couldn’t feel more loved.  That’s how we roll over here though.  I give him blessing to leave a day early or stay a few days extra on business trips so he can see a good friend in another city or his cousins he doesn’t get to see much.  He juggles kids and work for 3 days so I can go to my 20 year high school reunion.

I am so thankful for Curtis, for the team we’ve become, for the conversations we shared, for the challenges we issue each other.  I am thankful that he knew he was a marrying a strong Hess/Guengerich woman who knows she works the best when the husband/wife are equals–not one greater than the other.  I am thankful he has let me continue to be that strong woman.

I am also really thankful that he’s got a plumbing background, so I don’t have to unclog those toilets, but that’s a whole different story.

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