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November 12, 2012

Day 12 of 30 Days of Gratitude

I must admit, I am not feeling that full of gratitude tonight.  We have a flea infestation (I can’t believe I’ve admitted that to 3 people who read this).  (I promise, Mom, we’ll have it under control by the time you get here.).  Curtis is sick.  It was a three day weekend.  With that said, I’ve found my thankful for the day and amazingly, am starting to feel better already, now that I am not focusing on the those stinkin’ fleas.

I am thankful for food.

It sounds so trite, so unimportant when I state it like that.  My gratitude for food goes far beyond the nourishment my body needs for survival.  I am thankful for cooking, for finding new recipes, and making things my family loves to eat.  I am thankful for the homemade vegetarian soba we had on this cold evening for supper.  I am thankful for chicken and radish tacos with a dusting of queso fresco (Mexican cheese).  I am thankful for hot tea in the evening, hot coffee in the morning, and hot chocolate for special occasions.  I am thankful for teaching Madeleine and Isaac how to cook.  I am thankful for the occasional moments John joins me in the kitchen.  I am thankful for all three children stuffing the chocolate/caramel stuffed monkey bread last night–which meant there was lots of chocolate chips and butterscotch chips hidden inside.

I am thankful for bread.  I am thankful for bread to share with others to remind us of God’s amazing love and unending grace.  I am thankful for the feel of bread dough that is ready to rise.  I am thankful for the wonder of yeast.  I am thankful for warm bread, fresh out of the oven with a little honey–or nutella.

I am thankful for sitting at a table and eating with others.  I am thankful for making meals sacred with the kids with a lit candle.  I am thankful for dinner with friends at our table while the kids play out back.  I am thankful for girlfriends to share food and wine with.

I am thankful for food.

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