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Isaac Thomas

November 13, 2012

Day 13 of 30 Days of Gratitude

Unfortunately, today was another one of those days in which I spent too much time grumbling.  Turns out we don’t just have a flea infestation, we also have three out of five of us with lice at this point.  Sigh.  My to do list for the day got thrown out the window at 7:15 am and replaced with a more urgent to do list that involved too much googling of lice treatments and long lice treatments and lots of lots of laundry.

However, there were things to be thankful for.  The fabulously cold, crisp morning was one of them as well as the new rug in the kitchen.   At supper though, I firmly decided what my thankful would be when Isaac told me, “Me want honey on my quinoa”  (keep in mind he doesn’t say the ending the sounds of words yet).

I am thankful for Isaac Thomas.

Isaac is my third born, my second boy.  Isaac is my blonde, haired blue eyed, round faced, yet slightly more petite child.  I can’t imagine our family without Isaac (I can’t imagine our family without any of our littles!).  Isaac is very 3 1/2.  He’s fiercely independent.  “Me do it all my byself!”  we hear frequently.  This may be getting the yogurt out of the fridge or the ice cream out of the freezer.  It may apply to climbing up a tree or on a playscape without Mom or Dad’s hands on him.  It may apply to putting on his shoes or putting honey on his quinoa.  Never does it apply to going to sleep.

Third borns are special children.  It is true–they get away with a little more than the first or second.  With Isaac, I don’t mind occasionally rocking him to sleep.  When am I ever going to do this again?   I always ask myself.  Bedtimes are the most long and drawn out with Isaac.  We are working on him going to sleep like a big boy (without us sitting or laying with him) and on staying in his bed all night.

Isaac is my most snuggly of the three.  Isaac doesn’t know a stranger and is quick to hug everyone he meets.  He is able to convince a neighbor dad across the street to have a play date with just him.  The neighbor will come outside just to play and talk with Isaac, even though his own kids are inside the house.  Isaac excels at making people feel like they are the most important people in the world.  Isaac runs to greet whatever guests we have.  When he sees neighbors and friends at after-school pick up at school, he always gives them a hug.

Isaac is amazing.  He’s fast–on his feet and on his little scoot bike.  He picks up everything and remembers.  The other day Madeleine was trying to guess Curtis’s age.  She asked “41?”  Curtis told her no and Isaac responded, “42?”  His language is a bit delayed….nothing that we’ve had assessed.  He’s progressing and seems to have no evident processing issues (he understands everything!! and can follow complex directions).  He drops endings of words and mixes up things.  Madeleine for a long time was simply “Yaya.”   However, his sentences continue to get longer.  He communicates his wants and feelings well  “Me huuuuunnngry!!”  He tells us what he wants to be when he grows up and talks constantly when he has an audience.  He communicates with his face and his actions.

Isaac is Isaac.  Isaac is three and opinionated and as stubborn the older two.  Isaac is a bear when he’s tired and a charmer when he wants to be.

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