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John Davis

November 20, 2012

Day 19 of 30 Days of Gratitude:  Today I am thankful for John Davis.

My poor guy was probably hit the hardest by the flu this week.  As I helped him and watched him, it made me so thankful for the little boy he is.  I am thankful for his sweetness that is returning.  I am thankful at his first parent teacher conference, his teacher told me how John helped a very shy boy transition more easily into kindergarten by taking him under his wing the first day of school.  John is the one who is kind to everyone (unless of course, you are playing super heroes, or star wars, or ninjango, or bad guys, or any of those other games that he always ends up playing to roughly in).  I am thankful for John’s earnestness and the affection he shows.  John has never been overly affectionate or affectionate on depend.  When he dishes out compliments or hugs, it means something.

John is enthusiastic.  When he does things he gives 100%.  If he isn’t going to win, he doesn’t want to do it (we’re working on that one).  Yet, I am thankful for his drive and enthusiasm.   I am thankful for his sometimes obsessive nature—fixating on one toy or game for a long period of time.   When he was two, I think we had 5 Lightning McQueen matchbox sized cars in the house because he couldn’t go to sleep if he wasn’t holding one.

I am thankful for how active John is.  I am thankful that he loves to climb trees and spends lots of time exploring.  I am thankful he loves to run, move, and ride bikes.  I am thankful that a grumpy or rough mood is most easily remedied by a long tickle session.  I am thankful that John can entertain himself for long periods of time.

I am thankful that John is enjoying learning and taking interest in school.  Kindergarten has been such an easy transition for him, not at all like I expected it to be.  I am thankful that it is easier for John to handle change and transition than some kids.  Despite his very active nature, he is at the same more laid back and go with the flow pretty easily.

John is John is John.  He is sweet, he’s active, he’s enthusiastic, he’s competitive, he’s my Johnners.  I am thankful he is my middlest.

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