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I Am From

September 25, 2013

Over at She Loves Magazine, they are doing a synchroblog.  I decided to give it a go and had a lot of fun.   Even if you don’t blog, I suggest you print out this poem template and think about it awhile.  It’s kinda nice sometimes to remember where we’re from and what formed us into where we are today.  If you do this and post it on blog, feel free to add the link to the comments section and I’d love to check it out.


I Am From


I am from shelves and shelves of books,

from Bridge to Terabithia

and Anne of Green Gables.


I am from green siding, red brick built

juicing tomatoes in a hot summer kitchen.

I am from the green grass and Dogwood trees;

The Japanese cherry whose long gone limbs

I remember as if they were my own.


I am from breakfast together on Sunday mornings

and good-natured teasing,

from grandparents, cousins, parents, and brother and sister.

I’m from laughter and stubborness

and from hard work first.


I’m from standing strong

and turning the other cheek

and “Oh Look at the Moon,” sung in a grandmother’s lap.

I’m from singing our prayers in four part harmony.

I’m from gentle blue mountains, green rolling hills, farmland

and Mennonite,

homemade doughnuts, and cinnamon rolls.


From racing boys in cars

When girls weren’t supposed to be so spunky.

Journals of a camping trip

buried deep within my daughter’s closet.

From daily phone calls with my dad

to talk about the weather, his garden, and his puppy.


I am from leaving the familiar,

moving to the unknown.

From beginning anew in a new place,

in a new denomination.

From reaching out shorter roots

growing longer by the years.


I am from shaping the future,

from a husband and three children;

from teaching children

to be thankful

and to be loved by God.


I am from occasionally remembering

to take my own advice;

from building a past for my children,

so they are rooted in their present

and can hope for their future.

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  1. October 1, 2013 3:49 pm

    So lovely to hear your journey! I love your gratitude for life, and your heart to invest in future generations …

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