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30 Days of Gratitude-Day 1-Cool Fronts

November 1, 2013

November has started and I am attempting once again to blog every day (or close to it) things that I am thankful for.  This is as much a writing exercise for me as a gratitude exercise (as my thankful chart on fridge can attest).


We opened our windows yesterday after the torrential rain (almost 9 inches in 11 hours!) moved through.  The stuffiness and humidity that had been prevalent for days was gone.  In it’s place, a cool breeze blew, devoid of humidity.

October is tricky like that.  Cool fronts are frequent, but those days before they arrive are miserable.  The temperature spikes as does the humidity.  The house becomes stuffy because it isn’t quite hot enough for the air conditioning to kick on and humidity lingers.  We always end up setting our AC lower than usual in October.

Then comes the cool fronts.  The humidity is blown out and we are greeted with crisp cool mornings, where views of downtown are not obstructed by haze.  The sky seems bluer, the grass seems greener, and the clouds whiter.  We leave our windows open as long as we can, ignoring the fact that with each cool front comes more allergens that make my life a little bit miserable.  The allergies are worth the open windows.  It’s a price I’ll gladly pay.

The kids are eager to get out their hooded fleeces and wear long pants.  John loves wearing his wool socks whenever he can.  We wrap up for morning soccer games.  We revel that fall is coming, in it’s crazy, bipolar Austin way.  We find all the warm blankets (like John’s “red blankie” that he has stolen from us).

After my first summer in Austin, I missed the change of the seasons something crazy in September.  My pacific northwestern housemate and I sat outside one evening a cool front was supposed to arrive, waiting for the air to change from south to North.  We sat and waited until the breeze picked up and we could feel the weather becoming more agreeable.

I am thankful for cool fronts, to remind us change comes, just not always on our timelines.

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