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Day 2-Moving at My Own Pace

November 2, 2013

After years of moving at the pace of my children, I am finally able, on occasion to move to my own pace.  Some days it is fast and furious.  Other days, like today, it is slower.  I am enjoying uni-tasking today.  The kids have cooperated and played independently, so I while I cooked and cleaned, I could focus on just mixing together the cheesecake.  I could just cut the onion.  I could only scoop the tomato paste out of the cans.  I could carefully swirl the pumpkin and chocolate cheesecake layers.  I could just do one thing at the time.

It’s a gift, these moments when I can just do one thing.  I’ve been forced into a bit this week–my allergies have me knocked down and exhausted–so I am not able to maintain my usual pace.  I’m thankful that I can enjoy this slower pace, this doing just one thing.   I can be in a quiet kitchen and cook, listening to the clock ticking and the tomato sauce’s gurgling bubbles (reminds me of the swamp in the Princess Bride).  I need to remember to do just one thing sometimes when I am not tired, too.  It’s a good thing.

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