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Day 8–Books!!

November 9, 2013

I am thankful for books.  Nonfiction, fiction, mysteries, cookbooks, picture, juvenile fiction…all of them!  I am thankful for books that teach me new things and enlighten me about historical events I may have missed (or forgotten since high school).  I am thankful for books to sweep me away and get wrapped up in.  I am thankful for books to talk about with friends.  I am thankful for sharing books and book talks with my mom.  I am thankful for my book group.  I am thankful for reading books with my husband.

I am thankful for all the ways I can get books as well.  I am thankful for our public library, where I can choose a book off my booklist and place a hold.  I am thankful for when the book arrives, I get an e-mail from the library and my book awaits me in its special place.  I am thankful for Amazon Prime and Barnes and Noble and Kindle and Half Price Books.  I am thankful for borrowing books from friends and lending books to friends.

I am thankful for books that help me understand myself better and books that draw me closer to God.  I am thankful for the truth that can be found in good fiction.  I am thankful for broad epic novels, for magical realism novels, and collections of short stories, essays, and sermons.  I am thankful for books of poetry that sit on my shelf, barely opened, but there, so when I need a poem, I have one book to look in.

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