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Day 10 and 11-Sunday Afternoons and Places Like This

November 11, 2013

DSCN1413Day 10-Sunday Afternoons

I am thankful for Sunday afternoons.

Over the years I have gotten out of the habit of reserving Sunday afternoons for errand running and the like.  Instead Sunday afternoons is off time, save some of Curtis’s big projects, like decks.  Sunday afternoons are quiet time and family time.  We rest and read Sunday afternoons–it’s the only day I’ll take a nap.  The kids expect this–a long quiet time occurs Sunday afternoon after church and the dishes from our leftover lunch has been cleaned up.

Some afternoons, we are antsy by the time the parents are done resting.  Sunday afternoons are the ones where we’ll go hiking somewhere or go play/feed the ducks at the Quarry.  Sunday afternoons we sometimes spend playing in the front all afternoon long with whatever friends the kids can find.

This Sunday afternoon, Curtis ran an errand, but took his own sweet time.  He didn’t hurry home, which was fine with me (although he did feel a little bad it took so long).  When he came home, he brought with him a fire pit for our back porch.  The kids helped him assemble it with the promise of roasted marshmallows for dessert.  Once the fire pit was assembled, it was game time–Curtis played soccer and baseball with the kids.  The sweet sound of laughter escaped from our backyard.  I made supper–a simple supper of beans and rice with an apple-cilantro salsa and then we headed to the fire pit on the back porch.  The kids roasted marshmallows and ate them plain–just golden brown and nothing else.

It was a sweet afternoon.  We never know what the kids will remember from their childhood, however, I suspect our slow, family Sunday afternoons may be one thing they do.

Day 11-Places Like This

The big two have off school today for Veteran’s Day.  Isaac’s school was open, so I sent him, looking forward to a day with the bigs.  On Saturday, a friend mentioned going hiking, so I followed up this morning and by 10:30 we were stomp-tromping through a towards a creek close to our house.  We’ve gotten a lot of rain lately (understatement).  The creek was flowing nicely–clear, cool water over flat creek rocks.  We did a little loop and the second time we came to a creek crossing we lingered for the four kids to play.

I am thankful there are places like this in Austin, within city limits, that are set aside for nature.  I am thankful for clear, running water over creek rocks and the way the water sparkles in the sun as it dances over the rocks on its way downstream.  I am thankful for a morning spent outdoors, playing and being with friends.


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