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Day 13 and Day 14

November 14, 2013

Day 13– I am thankful for warmth.

A Canadian cold front blew in on Tuesday, bringing with it the coldest weather we’ve had in a long, long time.  This morning, we awoke to our first frost of the fall–not a hard frost, but the grass was white and icy nonetheless.  The North wind has been blowing as well, right down to my bones.  (Yes, I know it’s November 14 and we just had our first frost.  I’m a Texan these days.  I moved here from colder parts for a reason).

I am thankful for warmth.  I am thankful for hats and gloves and warm coats.  I am thankful for layers.  I am thankful for a multitude of blankets on the bed and hot showers.  I am thankful to being able to raise the heat (to 67!! We keep our house cool) when I can’t seem to warm up.  I am  thankful for hot tea and hot coffee and hot soup.  I am thankful for a roof over my heads and windows that aren’t drafty (at least not much.  The doors are a different story).  I am thankful for long sleeves and wool socks.

I read over at Ann Voskamp’s blog that it is not enough just to state our thanks.  We need to act on our gratitude.  As I think about being thankful for being warm, I think of ways I can act on my warmth to share with others….buying a coat for the Coat’s For Kids collection, volunteering for the women’s cold weather shelter…I need to start acting on my gratitude, not just writing about it.  It’s isn’t just enough to be grateful.  Jesus didn’t call us to tell everyone how grateful we were for all things.  We are supposed to take care of the cold, the hungry, the lonely, and every one else who lives in the margins.  It isn’t enough to just say thank you.

Now….I just need to act on my gratitude, for a change, instead of just being thankful.


Day 14–I am thankful for the sacred being found in the everyday.


Thursdays are our crazy days.  We have Math Pentathlon after school, which both school-aged kids participate in and I coach.  From there we head to pick up our CSA box and then home.  Up until this week we also had soccer practice.  Crazy-sauce.

Today was different though.  Soccer is over (yay!!) and I have just two children at home with me, instead of the usual three.  Curtis and John are at Curtis’s grandmother’s funeral.  The two at home are slightly unhappy about being left at home with me, instead of going with Daddy, but that’s just the way things worked out.

I am trying to make the few Mommy days fun for Madeleine and Isaac.  In doing so, we created a wonderful space tonight.  Supper was uncomplicated and we moved slower.  What do you know—God showed up.  We built a fire in our outdoor fire pit (not really a pit, but that’s what I call it).  I roasted sweet potatoes in the oven and cooked some broccoli on the stove (both from our CSA).  Madeleine and Isaac cooked hotdogs on the fire, with my assistance.  Madeleine proclaimed it the best evening ever.  We ate outside, in the dark, huddled in jackets around the fire.  We were mostly quiet and the moment was sacred.  I was reminded that all moments are sacred, as long as we make space for God.  God will show up.


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