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Day 19–I am thankful for John

November 22, 2013

DSC_1274Dear John,

John Davis…what can I say?

I am thankful for my energetic, enthusiastic, creative 6 year old.   I see you growing up, acting in ways I wondered were ever possible.  We saw it acutely during your soccer season this year, when you would willing pass the ball instead keeping it for yourself to score.  You finally realized you were on a team and played like it.  You even paid attention to the game when you weren’t playing.  I was amazed.  You are growing up right in front of our eyes, and we are so proud of who you are becoming.


I am thankful for your inventiveness.  You are a wonderful problem solver and are great at manipulating objects to get what you want, like entertainment.  You build all sorts of unique buildings and vehicles with legos and then spend hours playing with them, making up stories.  Sometimes I need to temper my pleasure at your inventions, like when you made a sling shot out of your stretchy shoe ties and pencils–at school.  Your art work demonstrates your own style and often when I ask you about it, there are long, detailed (interesting) stories that influenced it.

You are kind to others–not always, of course, but mostly, especially friends that are new.  You like to take new students under your wing and help them feel comfortable.  You make friends easily and it seems like you have people everywhere at school who like to call out, “Hi, John!”  You can be sweet to your brother and sister when they need comforting  (and you weren’t the one who upset them).  You can also be giving.  The large Snickers bar in my dresser drawer attests to that.  You happily gave me (without me even asking) your largest piece of Halloween candy, because you knew I loved Snickers.

We all know you are not perfect.  You get intensely angry and yell and holler.  Yet, you are dearly beloved John.  I am thankful for you.  I was so excited to see you after you and Daddy got back from Iowa.  I had missed you and there was a hole in our family without you.



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