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Day 22-Isaac’s Preschool

November 23, 2013


Yes, Day 21 is missing.  It’s that time of November, when I get behind and struggle to blog a couple of times a week, much less every day.  But I’m going to try!!!

Today I am thankful for Isaac’s preschool.  We have been at this preschool since 2006–Madeleine started there when she was 11 months old.  I feel in love the with the preschool immediately, which the church that supports has named a “children’s ministry.”  I realized quickly upon starting there that the preschool really is a ministry of the church.

This is our last year there and I know when the Christmas program comes around next month, tears will be shed.  Today (Friday) the school had their Thanksgiving Feast–a school wide celebration in the church gym, potluck style.  For Isaac’s class, we had assigned seats and I discovered I was sitting next to one woman and across from another who were both pregnant with their children the same time I was with Isaac.  We all had older children who were in a Toddler 2 class together and I could remember them being pregnant.  As I was chatting with one of the women, I was so thankful for this school, which we’ve been at for 7 and a half years, were I’ve built a community.

I am thankful for the director and assistant director of the school, one of which hugs me regularly (the other isn’t a hugger).  I am thankful that one of them knows that when I care about something, I will cry, and isn’t bothered by it.  I am thankful that they worked with me when I had concerns about a teacher.  I am thankful for the teachers that there–some of which two or three of my children have had.  I am thankful for Pastor, who is the lead pastor of the supporting church, who knows my children (and everyone else’s) by name.  I am thankful for their weekly chapel and weekly music class and weekly Spanish class.

I am thankful we have had a place for our children to go when we needed childcare for them and when we wanted a place for them to be with other children.  I am thankful it has been such a loving place and I stumbled upon it over seven years ago.

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