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Day 24-I am thankful for being home

November 25, 2013

While our cold weather camping made for a great weekend, I must say, I was thankful to be home yesterday afternoon.  Curtis poked up the heat to 70 (it was set at 65 while we were gone) and we enjoyed a warm afternoon and evening in our house.  I made a vegetable soup and sweet potato biscuits and we had homemade toffee for dessert.  We took afternoon naps, watched a little monster truck competition on TV, and lit a scented candle for supper.

The nap though.  The nap.  Aaaah….to lay down in my own bed again under a pile of blankets and sleep, not worrying about whether or not everyone was staying warm (every time I would hear a child move this weekend, I would ask them if they were warm), with my good pillows, produced bliss.

Being cold takes a lot of energy and we were all tired yesterday afternoon.  I was thankful we no longer had to try to keep ourselves warm and wear three or four layers of clothing.  I was thankful for early bedtimes (for me included) and good, long night’s sleep.

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