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Day 29–I am thankful for Miss M.

November 29, 2013


Here it is, the second to last day in November and I still haven’t written about one of the people I am most thankful for!  In some ways, it’s kinda good I saved two of my most thankful to last, because it will keep me posting!

I am thankful for my wonderful Miss M. –my Madeleine Anne, who won’t be called Maddie so, we compromised with M.  Now, I can’t imagine her as a Maddie, she is definitely a Madeleine or a M, but not a Maddie.


These are wonderful years with Madeleine.  I am enjoying them and trying to savor them, because I know they are fleeting.  Soon, she’ll be older, a middle schooler, a high schooler, and beyond.  Now, she is 8 and I love 8.  I love her independence and her desire to do things all my herself.  That’s always been there, but I like seeing her challenges change–from getting dressed when she was 2 to making a yeast bread all by herself or raking and bagging leaves without my help.

Madeleine’s fun to spend time with.  I enjoy just hanging out with her and running errands, seeing what she finds interesting and wants to explore.  We have real conversations, instead of her constantly asking when she was four, “What’s under the road?”  (every single time we got into the car).  She’s in that cusp in between.  She still loves playing with her American doll–at her playdate with a friend on Wednesday, they played for hours with her dolls.  At school, for indoor recess, her and some friends (including a boy or two) played school.  She still does those fabulous little girl things.  On the other hand, she has distinct clothing and music opinions.  She’s way too good at talking back and rolling eyes and acting like I am totally clueless.  She’s reading harder books, about harder subjects and asking harder questions.  She’s still trying to categorize things into black and white, but she’s slowly starting to realize, maybe things aren’t always as simple as that.  She still wants to be a veterinarian, but also talks about being  herpetologist.

I am thankful for how Madeleine describes the world she lives in.  She’s always been quite good at expressing emotions and thoughts, but as she gets older, she’s leaving a bit more space in her language.  She’ll describe things as “the second best,” so that there’s always room for better which just may be forgetting at the moment.

I am so thankful for Madeleine.  I hope I can help her navigate through her challenges– her tendency to worry when things change or are different.  I love watching her grow up right in front of my eyes and become a pretty cool kid.


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