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A Collection of Found Grace

March 21, 2014

One of the things blogs and books do is to help us find those who may be kindred spirits.  We get to know others intimately through the words they write.  On occasion we get to see the author live or even talk to her.

Over a year ago, Micha Boyett spoke to our Sunday School class at church.  I had been following her blog, Mama Monk (now just called Micha Boyett), for a while at that point and was excited to discover she was good friends with a woman in our class.  I sat enthralled as Micha spoke, thrilled that I had read a lot of the same books she had and had some of the same interests–liturgy, prayer, contemplative space, finding the sacred in the everyday, and the early saints–Saint Benedict for her specifically (and for me many of the early saints–Saint Benedict plus the Desert Mothers (Ammas) and Fathers (Abbas).  When Micha announced her book deal, I anticipated the book’s release.  Found went into my Amazon cart when it was available for pre-order and I finished it yesterday, before it’s general release date of April 1 (if you pre-order the book on Amazon now, they’ll send it to you!).

Micha’s book confirmed for me that she is a kindred spirit, if kindred spirits could be one-sided (I am sure she has no idea who I am–I doubt she remembers the woman sitting across the circle from her nodding her head every time she mentioned a book).  Micha’s book chronicles her journey through motherhood back to prayer and prayerfulness (prayerfulness, according to Joan Chittister in her little book, Breath for the Soul:  Reflections on Prayer, “is the capacity to walk in touch with God through everything in life.  It is the internal awareness that God is with me–now, here, in this always.”)

As part of Micha’s book promotion, she suggested people document times they have found grace–evidence that God loves us–through instagram.  For the past week, I’ve been taking photos and instagraming them, tagging them with #foundgrace.  (Which, by the way, is ok.  I gave up Facebook for lent, not all social media.  And no, instagram is not Facebook.  I still miss Facebook intensely!)

Without many more words, here is the found grace for the past week….







There will be more about Micha’s book, Found, at a later time.  It was a lovely, lovely book that broke my heart and filled me with hope.

I will leave you with a few of Micha’s words, from her book Found, on being loved by God and God’s wonderful grace.

I am loved by God.  Belief is my invitation.  I am not my performance.  God doesn’t love me more when I’m a good mom or when I’m kind to my husband.  God doesn’t love me more when I take care of a friend’s kid or when I say something smart.  And God won’t love me more when I finally figure out how to pray.

May you all find grace this weekend and know you are a beloved child of God.

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