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Friday Found Graces (on Saturday)

April 5, 2014

Whoops!  Where did Friday go?  Oh yeah, I remember.  It was sucked under into the quotidian.  Everyday life kept me away from the computer and posting a week’s worth of found graces passed me by.  I was acutely aware of some of that non-photographable found grace moments, like a meeting with the reading specialist at the kids school.  She was willing to take time out of her busy day to give me activities to do with my struggling reader at home, even though she isn’t currently seeing him at school.

Family Camp last weekend was a wonderful found grace.  The camp we were at was designed specifically for families.  The amount of detail behind everything made us feel spoiled all weekend.  Rocking chairs strategically placed…Adirondock chairs on the back porch of our cabin…..the appetizers before supper….the popsicles delivered to our cabin for my strep-py child….quiet nooks to read or build with legos….water inviting us to immerse ourselves or at least get our feet wet, reminding me of our need for the living water…no cell service (woohoo!  Best part).

We also discovered this week that we have baby owls in our owl box.  One morning this week I saw two little eyes peaking out at me.  I was too mesmerized to run for my camera.  Isaac also ate two strawberries off of his strawberry plant and I promptly penciled in a date to go pick berries because I must have more strawberries not from a store (they are so much better!!).

And now to the found grace…










Bluebonnets to admire while we sat in traffic made rush hour more bearable.



Collards from our own little garden. So yummy, I ate the leftovers for breakfast.

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