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What I Was Up to this Month–May Edition

June 2, 2014

This one is going to be long, friends.  Very, very long.  May was filled to the brim, what with finishing soccer, finishing baseball, swimming in full swing, Mother’s Day, my birthday, going on field trips with the kids, and just normal everyday life, like our neighbor sharing lots and lots of peaches from her daughter’s peach trees.  Here’s a recap in pictures.


















Whew!  Did you get all that?


Now onto the words:


Wonder by R.J. Palaccio.  After several heavy, long books, our selection this month was juvenile fiction.  I enjoyed Wonder.  My favorite thing about it though was having Madeleine read it when I was done.  A couple of weeks after we both finished it, Madeleine was having friend problems.  Our conversation about what to do when someone is talking about you was enriched by referencing examples from the book–everything became a bit clearer when we could use the book to help us discuss Madeleine’s own problem and possible solutions.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I finally read the book people have been talking about.  I don’t think I liked it, but I’m not quite sure.  As a book, it hooked me and didn’t let me go to the last page, so in that regards it was a great read.  However, I rather hated the ending.  Shudder (just thinking about how it ended).

The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett.  I read The Bookman’s Tale immediately after I finished Gone Girl.  It was a breath of relief after the tension and drama of Gone Girl.  I loved the slower pace and learning about the world of book collectors (and sellers).  I would definitely recommend this book!

Getting Involved with God:  Rediscovering the Old Testament by Ellen Davis.  This was the SheLoves book club book of the month.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and wrote about Ecclesiastes (inspired by the book) here.  Her other books are now on my Amazon wish list.

Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor.  I highly anticipated this book and ended up being disappointed.  I struggled with exactly where my dislike of the book lay, I just didn’t find it as deep or rich theologically as the other three books of hers I have read.

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  This was my second time through this book.  I think this may be my go-to parenting book from here on.  The early chapters of her book are good for background information about shame, vulnerability, and wholeheartedness.  My favorite chapters were the last two where she delved into how embracing vulnerability and becoming shame resistant influences our work environments and our parenting.  There will be more on this book later.


I ate at East Side King’s food trailer for the first time ever.  It did not disappoint.  It may be a problem that they are a short ten minutes from my house every Wednesday and possibly a bigger problem that they are opening a brick and mortar restaurant close to us before too long.  Their fried brussels sprouts……enough said.  For my birthday, my two best friends, their husbands, Curtis, and my parents went out for dinner at Cafe Josie.  It was the perfect location.  While it is not the trendiest, hipster place, it was wonderful for a long lingering dinner full of laughter.

Cooking has made me exhausted this month.  Because of swimming every afternoon (until 5:15 or 6:00, depending on the day), dinner has consisted of fast, easy meals, sandwiches, slow cooker meals, and make ahead meals.  A lot of planning is involved to provide the family with a home cooked meal every day (home cooked being sandwiches, some days).  I am relieved to just have four more days of crazy meal planning.  Favorites this month have been Smitten Kitchen’s Peach and Pecan Sandy Crumble, made with all the peaches that showed up from our neighbor.  I am also looking for the ultimate homemade ice cream recipe–so far my favorites are custard based, however, I want to try a few more of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream recipes.  I wasn’t happy with how that turned out the first time–it had a wonderful flavor, but it was the only recipe that developed ice crystals  (and that was the recipe developed solely for avoiding ice crystals).

Movies, Music, and TV:

All of this is sad to report.  No new music.  No new grown up movies.  I did finally watch The Lego Movie which I absolutely loved (and got a little teary-eyed at the end, but it was an emotional weekend).  We also re-watched the original Die Hard.  On TV, I watched Cristina’s departure on Grey’s Anatomy and thought I could totally get hooked again.

 I am linking up with Leigh Kramer’s What I’m Up To (my favorite source for book recommendations) again this month

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