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Dropping in to Say Hi

October 28, 2014

IMG_3413My friends, I miss you.  I really do.  It’s been all of September and most of October since you’ve heard from me.  Thank you to those who periodically check in on my over here at this blog.  I check it everyone in awhile, because I miss it.  There in the top dashboard/tool bar, it tells me.  About once a week or so, someone checks in on me.  Maybe to see if I’m still here or maybe it’s to see if I published something without publicizing it on Facebook.  I haven’t though.  I’ve been silent.

This self-imposed silence has been for a good reason.  Really.

Instead of writing, I’ve been teaching fourth graders to write.  I’ve convinced a few hesitant writers, who were known to put their heads on their desks and cry at the beginning of the year because they just couldn’t write, to write eagerly.  I’ve encouraged masterful writers, who take one suggestion and run with it, to write more beautifully–better than I could at fourth grade (and probably more descriptively than I even can now).  In the evenings, in my spare time, I am reading children’s writing instead of doing my own.  It’s made me happy.

This road to teaching is a story to tell.  One of these days (winter break?) I’ll get to it.  The short story is that when God starts opening doors, I’ve learned it’s smartest to just walk on through them, even though I have no idea how things will work out.  The long story is, well, longer.

I just wanted to check in with y’all and let you know I haven’t gone away forever.  I have intentions of being back.  I have stories to tell and saints (Grandma’s) to remember.  I have thoughts on juggling it all.  I’ve read a couple of books even and have managed to eat out a little bit (thanks to two days worth of training).

With that I am off.  Supper (a Thai beef curry) is simmering on the stove for supper and I need to clean up a little around this kitchen before it’s supper time.  In my laptop bag (I have a laptop now!!!  And a work e-mail address!!! Craziness!!!), I have descriptive writing on a character and matter foldables to grade.  These moments of silence are fleeting,

It’s all good here though.  My 8 years worth of work at home has been worth it.  Reading Benedict the past six months have reminded to approach this new venture with humility.  I remember, as often as I can, that I was not brought to where I am to be ignored. I trust the God that has brought this change to my life will continue to be present with me.  IMG_3410

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