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I Am….

Who am I?

I am…..a beloved child of God







…a pilgrim on a journey seeking God

…a baker and cook (on a purely amateur level)


…a life long learner

…a music lover

…a sinner

…a reader

…a person who doesn’t have all the answers.

I reside in the fabulous city of Austin, Texas–the city its residents love so much they spend half their time talking about how great it is.  (I think I may have gotten past that part–finally).  I grew up in a small Mennonite community, attending a Mennonite church, Mennonite middle school/high school, and Mennonite College.  After I moved to Austin, I wandered between churches and denominations a while before landing at a Methodist church where I met my husband and baptized my three babies.  (I know, not very Mennonite, but that’s a long, other story).  Deep down, I think my beliefs most closely resemble Mennonites, with a dab of Methodist thrown in.  For good measure, I read a lot of Catholic writers and am particularly drawn to Benedictines and the contemplative tradition.  I am drawn to the language in the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer and find solace in their compline liturgy especially.  I am raising three children and learning what it is to be both a parent and a person on a walk with God, enjoying my hiatus from being an elementary school teacher.

I welcome your comments.  If you think I’m onto something, let me know.  If you think I must be on something (or off my rocker), let me know.  I welcome dissenting comments and questions.  Isn’t that how we learn and grow, from those who may disagree with us or challenge us?

Welcome from this ordinary woman living in an ordinary time.

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